Wednesday, September 3, 2008

*Sigh* The Last Day of Summer...

Well, school starts tomorrow. I've just got the one math class at the high school for now, but still, it's the beginning of what I think will be a very challenging school year. I guess the real bummer is the fact that it's the last day of summer, and I'm not going to do anything fun. This is definitely an increase in Suck levels.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yyyyyeah, I'm thinking trying to hold down a job (even as a bagger at the commissary) is not such a hot idea. My Dad and I were looking over my school schedule for when college starts, and as near as we can figure, if I were going to try and do it, I'd have to work and 8 hour day on Saturday and then try to squeeze everything else in somewhere during the week, doing at least 3 hours 3 other days during the week (there's a 16 hour minimum work quota), and that's not gonna fly if I plan on doing well in college classes, NOT to mention maintain my sanity and generally cheery disposition. I'm still going to see if the Head Bagger will let me just work until college classes start. It's easy to work in 16 hours when you only have one class at the high school in the morning and a whole day to kill :-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Star Wars: the Clone Wars

Yes, I saw it, and it was indeed quite lame like we all predicted it would be. It was half-way decent, but barely. Either way, it has no business holding the "Star Wars" title. I know it was animated, so you couldn't expect much anyway, but it was animated BADLY. George Lucas is the man who started the PIXAR company, you'd think he could do better. When in combat, the characters moved beautifully, but then when they went to do simple conversations and interaction with each other, their movements and gestures were jerky and mechanical. Even my brother Michael, who actually wanted to see this movie, admitted that "Asoka", that little red girl in the picture there, was a dumb idea. She was Anakin's padawan. He was neever supposed to have one. So, yeah, this movie was half-baked, despite 3 years of work, and is in no way worth your time. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was better, actually, and you know what I thought of that little darling. Peace!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Reunion

Yesterday was the reunion of my late Great Grandpa Dick's family. I had never met them before, and they were all really nice. As soon as I looked around at all the men, I said to Dad, "They all look like Grandpa!" No kidding, the family resemblance was mind-bendingly obvious. All of them were really nice. We had a good time visiting and eating :-) Sean and Jackie were there too, which was because, while all the extended family were very nice and friendly, they were all old, the youngest ones were probably early seventies hahaha. I brought my guitar with me, so Sean and I took turns playing. Unfortunately, while Sean was retuning for one of his songs, the highest string broke. But, we made do. One goofy moment was when Sean and I were sitting in a gazebo playing and talking with some of the family. Max Kell was talking about how he heard about a gal who figured out that if she stopped buying Starbucks lattes all the time, she had extra money left over. I thought I'd contribute, so I said "Hmm, imagine that!" Max and the others burst out laughing like it was the most hilarious thing they had ever heard in they're entire lives O_O Sean and I looked at each other like "What on Earth??" That was kind of weird :-) But we had fun.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well Mom started working again yesterday and is paying Michael and I to take care of the kidlings, James and Emily. It's not the funnest thing in the world, but, hey, it pays and lets Mom go back to work. The kidlings get irritating, but they're not too bad. The boredom is probably the worst part. When I get bored, I eat, and then I find myself in the middle of a snack when Dad gets home and it's time to run, and that makes running horrible... Anyways, that's what's going on here. It's day 2 of babysitting, and both Michael and I are getting a little bit of cabin fevah. Hang tight, we are too!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Dark Knight/Makin' Money!/Quesadilla Burger

Well, The Dark Knight WAS everything I heard it was. Nothing's better than having your expectations high and then not being disappointed! The Joker was, of course, the best part of the movie. He was absolutely perfect in EVERY way, and was way better than the Jack Nicholson version back in '89. His sadism, disregard for human life and love for absolute chaos were perfectly portrayed, and his looks were also right on target. He looked as close to the cartoon Mark Hamill version as you can make a clown man and still have him look good and believable. He also pulled of the purple suit beautifully, and the laugh...OH, that laugh. It was beautiful. The Joker was perfect in every way. Two-Face was also well, really, his face was completely SCORCHED LOL! But seriously, he was also very good. I don't have a lot to say about Batman himself, except that I didn't go to see Batman, I went to see the Joker. Batman's voice was weird, even though I know why, and somehow, he didn't look as good as he did in Batman Begins. I don't know why. But who cares? The movie was completely awesome, all the characters were pretty much perfect. This one's an instant classic, without a doubt.

Well, my work day at Aunt Awesome's was fruitful, to say the least :-) She now has space where before there were only boxes and boxes and bags and more boxes, and I was able to pay off some debt. It was very fun. Although I don't know that I'll ever order the Quesadilla Burger from Applebee's ever again. I thought I was gonna puke when I went running with my dad yesterday evening. Well, postya later! Avoid Quesadilla Burgers...

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I'm finally going to see "The Dark Knight" today at 3:00! At LAST! Everyone else seems to have seen it already. My brother Michael seems to think it's going to suck for some reason, despite what everyone else who HAS seen it has told us. He is going to lose yet another argument :-) LOL. Anyway, I will be back later to post my review. I've heard nothing negative about it at all, only praises. I'm expecting a lot, and I don't think I'll be disappointed. SHA-WING!